Feliz 2020

feliz 2020

Llegó a su fin el año 2019 y con ello también el decenio que comenzó en 2010. Un periodo muy emocionante en las vidas de todos los que formamos el proyecto SER puesto que en Junio de 2020 nuestra compañía cumplirá 10 años. De ser tan solo un sueño a ser una realidad presente y … Read more

Happy 2020!

feliz 2020

2019 has come to an end and with it, the decade that began in 2010. This is an emotional period for everyone that is part of the SER project, as in June 2020 our company will celebrate its tenth anniversary. It has grown from a dream to our current reality, and above all a reality … Read more

The Lagoa SER park considered the most competitive in Brazil according to Epowerbay


SER Lagoa Park is considered the most competitive cluster in Brazil for the 2019 auctions according to the Epowerbay ranking. The Lagoa Cluster developed by SER Sistemas de Energia Renovável integrated by the Lagoa 1, Lagoa 2 and Lagoa 3 projects has been considered the most competitive in Brazil in the Epowerbay classification for several … Read more

Sertão 1 awarded as the most efficient project in Brazil in 2018

One of the projects of SER Sistemas de Energia Renovável, specifically the Sertão 1 project, has been awarded in 2018 as the most efficient in Brazil in the 2018 solar ranking. This award has been presented by Epowerbay, a prestigious Brazilian company that responsible for evaluating all renewable energy projects carried out in the country. … Read more

Advantages of Solar Energy

What is solar energy? Solar energy is produced by light – photovoltaic energy – or heat from the sun – thermosolar – for electricity generation or heat production. Inexhaustible and renewable, since it comes from the sun, it is obtained through panels and mirrors. Photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity by the photoelectric … Read more

Why invest in Brazil

por que invertir en Brasil

Brazil is the largest economic power in Latin America and one of the most important in the world. The investment possibilities offered by this country are wide and highly profitable. Beyond the challenges of any investment project, Brazil attracts a growing volume of foreign capital thanks to the strength and diversification of its economy. If you still have doubts about … Read more

The impact of climate change

efectos del cambio climatico

Climate change is the main global and environmental issue that the human race is currently facing. Among its many impacts, global warming harshens extreme climatic phenomena, aggravates processes of desertification and erosion, and will result in a widespread loss of biodiversity. Let’s talk about its main consequences. Rising sea levels When the surface temperature warms … Read more