feliz 2020

2019 has come to an end and with it, the decade that began in 2010. This is an emotional period for everyone that is part of the SER project, as in June 2020 our company will celebrate its tenth anniversary. It has grown from a dream to our current reality, and above all a reality with a future. Hand in hand with the Brazilian solar market since before its birth, we now head towards our tenth anniversary, with a very different reality compared to 2010. There is much to reflect on but, most of all, a lot to thank.

What we reflect on is easy: if the work, the effort and the compromises with our clients and partners are what have allowed us to grow these 10 years, then these should be the values that we should carry with us into the future. The number of International Joint Ventures that have met with success is under 10% and the fact that these values are shared among our partners and employees, of all nationalities, that have been part of SER since its beginning is what has enabled our company to move forward with more strength than ever. To these values, that are the cornerstone of our company, we want to add everyday more talent and technical capacity, to imagine the future and innovate, because these will be the capabilities that will mean success or failure in the ever more competitive Brazilian energy market.

However, the most important thing is to give thanks, in this end-of-decade period, to all the clients, partners, suppliers and employees that have accompanied us from the beginning. Thanks for their trust, compromise, initiative, help and friendship. We grow in order to meet the standard, for them and with them, and because of that, we want to thank them and hope that they will continue to accompany us in these next ten years.

Our mission statement is “to be an important player so that Brazilian photovoltaic energy contributes significantly to the Brazilian energy matrix”. The journey to 2030 is filled with challenges, with stories that will be worth the wait, with great moments and others in which we will need all our strength to continue.

It’s a new year and we begin it with renewed strength. We wish everyone that supports us a 2020 filled with sun, energy and our best professional and personal wishes.

With a warm hug, SER Energia.