comunicado coronavirus

Us, at SER Energia, welcomed 2020 with the highest of expectations, as we celebrate the company’s 10th year in June. The year of 2019 had been great under all aspects and we were preparing to envision our path for the next 10 years, full of plans and high hopes.

And then, the COVID-19 arised, a tiny virus to change our personal and business ecosystem, turn the whole world upside down and make us feel like we are part of a fragile world. Just as much, make us feel like this year, and possibly the ones to come, won’t be easy years.

We are convinced that being good just won’t be enough to what we were preparing for, and that we will need to be even better as human beings, entrepreneurs and as hard workers to overcome the challenges ahead.

After the pandemic’s first month, there are still uncertainties regarding the possible outcomes of the situation, but undertaking an early analysis for our actions, there are some reflections we wish to share with you:

First of fall, we focus on our collaborators, promising to execute all actions to preserve their health and safety meanwhile we persevere to keep the company’s activity on 100%. In that subject, we’ve moved to a home-office routine, we arranged to provide tests to all our employees, and the office-based work, when needed, is being monitored, respecting the recommended distances and wearing masks and other protections.

Second, we reassure our commitment with our clients to keep fulfilling our commitments, adapting to the real situation of the administration and public entities, but doubling our efforts to honor our agreements.

Third, we reassure our commitment to our business plan, as we provide all the resources needed to maintain our company investment and development efforts to achieve our goal of 5 GW of high-quality projects by the end of 2020.

Likewise, through our Partners, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board, we commit to keep studying the evolution of the energy market in order to be agile, and able to adapt to the new realities and technologies of the market in the years to come.

In the line of our objective to become more productive and agile, we took this opportunity to strengthen our internal procedures and integrate new information systems to improve the team’s ability to communicate and cooperate remotely.

In a crisis of trust like the world is going through, we strive to commit to our clients, employees and our society, looking to improve in this difficult situation, and rise to the occasion.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all strength, energy and especially health, professionally and above all personally, to overcome this period.

Our best,

SER Energia